“A touchstone for future testimonies about a strengthening borderless digital movement that is set to continually disrupt powerful institutions.”

The New York Times [Source]

“It’s an engaging read, and it offers a sharply detailed look from the inside of an uprising that owed almost as much to social media connections as it did to anti-Mubarak passions”

The Los Angeles Times [Source]

“In Revolution 2.0, Ghonim traces the planning that took place in the days before Jan. 25, 2011, when thousands of Egyptians gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in preparation for the uprising. He also gives an insider’s account of what he experienced during the protests — when Egyptian security authorities locked him in a basement jail cell — and then what it was like after the departure of President Hosni Mubarak”

National Public Radio [Source]

“Revolution 2.0, which is likely to be required reading for web geeks, media experts, political scientists, advertising executives, activists, anarchists, confidence men, secret policemen, dictators and corporate strategists”

The Telegraph [Source]

“This book should be required reading for anyone working with online communities”

Geeky Wire [Source]

“No matter how closely we followed this extraordinary exercise of human rights in the news – or on Facebook – Ghonim’s there-at-the-creation memoir should be a revelation.”

Library Journal [Source]

“A remarkable personal testament that will be cited by future historians of both Facebook and the Arab Spring.”

Kirkus Reviews [Source]

“This is a bold, moving story of the interconnectedness of the modern world, and the hope, courage, and fearlessness it takes to start a revolution”

Publishers Weekly [Source]

“A fascinating book…There is an energy in the book and in Ghonim’s words that makes one feel it is much too soon to assume the revolution is over, or to underestimate what the rebels achieved”

The Philadelphia Inquirer [Source]

“A gripping chronicle of how a fear-frozen society finally topples its oppressors with the help of social media”

The San Francisco Chronicle [Source]

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